How to extend the life of a hemp trellising net


A hemp trellising net is an essential tool for many people who work with hemp. While hemp is a durable raw material, there are still steps that can be take to extend the life of a hemp trellising net.

The following are tips and suggestions on how to ensure a longer life and more cost-effective and efficient use of a hemp trellising net:

Use the right hemp trellising net netting for your project. Different projects will require different mesh sizes and designs. Finding the perfect mesh for any project will mean that you get the most out of each mesh.

Keep the hemp trellising net clean and free of dirt. Dirt and debris can slow down hemp processing processes, as well as increase the wear time of the fabric.

Use the hemp trellising net correctly. The netting must be position precisely so that the hemp does not shift or slip. If this happens, the netting will begin to wear and become damaged much more easily.

Wash the hemp trellising net periodically with a mild, hypoallergenic shampoo. This will help soften the threads and prevent fraying over time.

Use wool conditioners to keep the hemp trellising net stretched and wrinkle free. This will decrease natural wear and tear and add to the mesh’s longevity and flexibility.

Replace the hemp trellising net once every two years or so. This is a good preventative measure to avoid excessive wear and extend the life of the netting.

Check the hemp trellising net netting before use. This is especially useful if it has been stored for long periods of time. Dirty and deteriorated materials will not bring the same performance and durability.

Check the hemp trellising net fabric to stop any excessive wear. If excessive wear is detect, it is better to replace the mesh than to repair it. Patching can accelerate mesh wear.

Check the pressure of the hemp trellising net. This will help keep it taut and wrinkle-free and ensure longer mesh life.

By following these simple guidelines, the life of a hemp trellising net can be significantly improve. Replace the netting when necessary and check the materials regularly to ensure that it is always in excellent working condition. Hemp trellising net is a valuable investment that should certainly be care for for best results and long-lasting use.

hemp cultivation trellised by support netting
The service life of a hemp trellis netting can be considerably improved one of them is to replace the netting when necessary.

Care to consider to keep a hemp trellising net in good condition

Hemp trellising net are a versatile tool that can be use to support different types of vegetables, fruits and herbs. These trellises are excellent for use in gardens, for building rustic plant supports, for hanging pumpkins and other fruits, or for controlling excess fruit. Although hemp trellis netting are extremely durable, certain care is always require to keep them in good condition.

One of the main care you need to take into account when using a hemp trellis netting is cleaning. Hemp trellis netting need to be clean regularly to prevent the accumulation of dust, debris, insects and other debris. To clean a hemp trellis netting, it is best to use a mild soap and water solution, applying it with a soft brush and washing it with warm water. If necessary, the screen can be clean with a vinegar and water solution to disinfect it. No detergents or chemicals should be use to clean the hemp trellis netting, as these products can damage the material.

In addition, from a structural point of view, it is important to always maintain the structure of the netting

This means making sure that the netting is not too tight or too loose. To this end, it is advisable to regularly inspect and tighten the knots to ensure that they are securely fastened. This not only ensures that the mesh maintains its stability, but also prevents premature aging of the mesh.

It is important to keep in mind that hemp itself is a natural material that, if not properly cared for, can deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a hemp trellising net net away from direct sunlight, as well as dust, sand, among other elements that can damage it. Another way to preserve the mesh is to periodically apply a protective waterproofing product, such as teak oil or a natural oil.

It is advisable to immediately repair any damage detected in the mesh

This helps to keep a hemp trellising net in good condition and prolong its useful life. If the damage is superficial, such as cracks or tears, it can be repair by gluing small pieces of hemp twine together with a strong glue. If the breakage is deeper, a ball of yarn can be sewn around the edges of the mesh in the damaged area.

Likewise if proper care is practice, a hemp trellising net can be keep in good condition for many years. This care includes cleaning the netting, checking the tightness of knots, keeping it out of direct sunlight and applying protective products, as well as immediately repairing any damage found.  Following these recommendations and applying some additional care such as proper storage of the netting between uses will prolong the life of the netting and allow you to enjoy the benefits it offers for a long time.

a closer shot of hemp plant
Care should be taken to clean the netting, check the tightness of the knots, keep it out of direct sunlight and apply protective products.

Disadvantages of not using hemp trellising net

The trellis is a fundamental tool for obtaining optimum yields in hemp cultivation. Although it is an initial investment, ensuring good results requires its use. Failure to heed this recommendation can result in some disadvantages that can impact your farming.

First of all, the fact that hemp grows and develops in a haphazard manner must be take into account. If the plant is not fix with a trellis, it can be difficult to control this disproportionate growth that can affect all levels of production. Once the plant is spread out, loads and winds can knock them down and weaken the soil.

Another element to take into account is that hemp reaches considerable heights. And shade cloth does not allow sunlight to reach the lower part of the plant. In this sense, a good trellis will provide the necessary resources to solve this situation.

The problems do not end there, as hemp also generates significant amounts of decay

If it is not kept firm and relocated from time to time, the accumulation of waste and debris will deteriorate the quality of the crop and cause disease in the plant. The ideal way to avoid this situation and control them is to use a trellis.

It can provide an essential aid at harvest time. This not only offers a solution when it comes to reducing the time between each harvest, but it is also useful when gathering the products in the same location in an orderly manner. If you are a farmer and are thinking of growing hemp, using a trellis can help you achieve the desired results. If you decide not to use it, the drawbacks will not go unnoticed and could jeopardize your production and yield.

hemp trellising net installed on hemp cultivation
Other benefits of trellising are that it offers a solution to reducing the time between harvests, but it is also useful for harvesting produce in the same place in an orderly fashion.

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